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🌎🚀 Pay cryptocurrency by email

  • 📚 Read the FAQ first, if you have any questions as a user.
  • 📝 Please report any issues and feedback via Chainsfr Intercom
  • 🔧 For technical stuff, use this project's issues.
  • 🚢 For an overview of changes in each release, check the releases

What is Chainsfr?

  • Pay crypto via Email - No cryptic address, no wrong address
  • Control your payment - Send in seconds, cancel if needed
  • Connect to popular wallets - Coinbase, MetaMask, Ledger, TrustWallet, WalletConnect and more
  • Own your asset - Non-Custodial and end-to-end encrypted
  • All within Google - Login, manage ,auto-backup.
  • Chainsfr is powered by Google Drive APIs and Amazon Web Services.
  • Chainsfr is a service developed and maintained by Ventureum Inc.
  • Ventureum Inc. is a registered Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario.

Why choose Chainsfr?

Chainsfr aims to make cryptocurrency transaction more friendly and fault-tolerant, easy to use.

  • Powered by Google - Single-click sign in, sensitive data stored in Google Drive, transactions managed inside Google Account
  • Pay via Email - All you need is a Google account, the recipient’s email address, and a security answer to start a safe payment.
  • Built-in Wallet - Keyless, Non-custodial and Multiple Assets Support

Is Chainsfr free?

Yes. The Chainsfr service itself does not charge any service fee. However you still have to pay transaction fees on the blockchain.

How does Chainsfr work and how safe is Chainsfr?

As a financial and cryptocurrency service, we try our best to build Chainsfr as secure as possible. Chainsfr service uses Smart Contracts and Multisig Wallets as escrows, which means we have no access to your funds during payments. We use your Google account to store your Chainsfr Wallet and payment information.

Learn more about the Google third-party, please check the links below:

Do I need to register for an Chainsfr account to send or receive?

No. You only need a Google account. You can track the status of your transaction through the link in your email.

Is Chainsfr related to Google?

No. Chainsfr is registered as a third party apps using Google Drive APIs.

Is Chainsfr open sourced?



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