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Maintenance Mode plugin for Craft CMS 3.x

Programmatically disable the website through command line. Use this for your automated build processes to disable the website during build!


Maintenance mode can be enabled through composer: composer require venveo/craft-maintenancemode


To enable maintenance mode: ./craft maintenancemode/maintenance-mode/enable

To disable maintenance mode: ./craft maintenancemode/maintenance-mode/disable

Example Scenario

Using Laravel Forge to deploy your Craft app, you might want to disable the website during the frontend build process:

cd /home/forge/

php craft maintenance-mode/maintenance-mode/enable

git pull origin master --recurse-submodules

git submodule init
git submodule update --remote --recursive

composer install --no-interaction --prefer-dist --optimize-autoloader
echo "" | sudo -S service php7.0-fpm reload

if [ -f artisan ]
    php artisan migrate --force

yarn install
npm run production

php craft maintenance-mode/maintenance-mode/disable

Brought to you by Venveo