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A proper IRC bot.


squircy3 is a cross-platform application written in Go that works nearly anywhere.

squircy3 is also a framework based around a plugin architecture that can be extended to support new and custom functionality.

Core plugins provide IRC client functionality, central configuration, and an embedded JavaScript runtime. Other built-in plugins provide NodeJS compatibility including support for ES2017+ features through babel.js.

Getting started

Clone this repository, then build using make.

git clone
cd squircy3
make all

The main squircy executable and all built plugins will be in out/ after a successful build.

Run squircy in interactive mode with -interactive and specify the out/ directory as the root.

squircy creates the root directory if it does not yet exist. If the root does not contain config.toml or package.json, defaults will be created.

out/squircy -interactive -root out/config

This will automatically create config.toml and package.json within the out/config/ directory. The default configuration enables all plugins available and connects to As such, on the first run, expect to see some warnings.

Expect to see some warnings on the first run. All plugins are enabled, by default, so NodeJS dependencies must be installed for everything to function.

Modify the default configuration in out/config/config.toml as necessary. Comment out or remove the plugins listed under extra_plugins to disable any unwanted plugins.

To get the babel and node_compat plugins working, install Node dependencies using npm or yarn.

yarn --cwd out install

For more information on plugins, see the section below


Run squircy3 in Docker using the veonik/squircy3 image hosted on Docker Hub.

docker run -it veonik/squircy3:latest


squircy3 is configured using the TOML file config.toml below the bot's root directory.

See config.toml.dist for the reference version of this file.

By default, the root directory is ~/.squircy. If the root directory does not exist, it will be created and a default configuration will be populated.

squircy3 can also be configured using command line flags. Run squircy -h for a full list of available options.


The plugin subpackage provides the interface for loading and managing plugins within squircy3.

Plugins may be built-in to the binary application, or built as shared libraries (.so files) that can be loaded at runtime.

Core Plugins

Core plugins are built-in to the squircy application and are always loaded.

  • config is a framework for pluggable, dynamic configuration management.
  • event is an event dispatcher, allowing for decoupled communication between plugins and user scripts.
  • vm is a javascript interpreter that supports ECMAScript 5.1 out of the box.
    • The vm plugin includes a mostly Node-compatible require() function.
    • This plugin also provides a concurrent-safe way to invoke some javascript and retrieve the result whether it is sync or async.
  • irc is an IRC client that utilizes the event dispatcher from the event package to notify the application of messages, etc.

Extra Plugins

Extra plugins are available to extend default functionality. These are built as shared libraries and loaded at runtime using the Go plugin API.

  • babel provides a transparent ES2017+ transpilation layer so that modern features can be used such as classes and async/await.
    • The babel plugin requires external NodeJS dependencies to operate. Use package.json as a starting point for installing these.
  • node_compat adds an additional layer of compatibility with standard NodeJS APIs.
    • This is extremely incomplete but currently supports: event.EventEmitter, NodeJS Streams (stream), child_process.spawn(), crypto.Sha1 and crypto.createHash, and basic forms of net.Server and net.Socket.
    • This plugin also loads the regenerator-runtime which allows Generators (ie. function* and yield) and async/await to function.
  • squircy2_compat provides a compatibility layer with squircy2.
  • script loads javascript files from a configured folder at app startup.
  • discord provides integration with discordgo.

Linking extra plugins at compile-time

squircy3 supports building-in the extra plugins at compile-time so that they are included in the main binary rather than as separate shared object files.

Pass PLUGIN_TYPE=linked to make to enable this functionality.

make all PLUGIN_TYPE=linked

Related Projects

  • squirssi is an irssi clone using squircy3 as the base framework. squirssi is actually just a squircy3 plugin and thin wrapper around the squircy3/cli subpackage.
  • squircy2 is the predecessor to squircy3.