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One-end encryption, stronger than end-to-end
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One-End Encryption (OEE): Stronger than End-to-End Encryption

Today everybody uses end-to-end encryption, but it's not secure enough for you! Powerful state-sponsored attackers have the ability to break end-to-end encryption. One-end encryption (OEE) solves the problem, by sending ciphertexts literally impossible to decrypt, even by advanced cyber criminals and the NSA.


  • OEE is secure against hostile endpoints, while end-to-end encryption is only secure against hostile networks

  • OEE is post-quantum, quantum-safe, quantum-resilient

  • OEE is secure even if P=NP, even alien technologies won't break OEE

  • OEE is secure against anthropic computing attacks

  • OEE is post-Snowden and NSA-proof

  • OEE is memory-efficient, with terabytes of data encrypted into a 32-byte ciphertext

  • OEE software is safe, because it's coded in Rust

  • OEE is gluten-free and non-GMO (and 99% vegan)

  • OEE is provably secure

  • OEE is fully constant-time: the runtime of OEE doesn't depend on the input length

  • OEE is Theresa May approved

  • OEE guarantees total forward secrecy, backward secrecy, and frontward secrecy, meaning that your messages are safe against future, past, and present attacks

  • OEE has no backdoor (really) and no front door either, so the FBI can't use that. There are also no windows, skylights, cat flaps, gates, or other ingress points for human-sized lifeforms or lifeforms trained by humans to retrieve cryptographic keys with warrants

To try OEE, use our reference implementation:

cargo run file-to-encrypt

To use the in-place feature (be aware, this is only to be used by the very-braves):

cargo run -- -i file-to-encrypt
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