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veraPDF v1.24.1

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@carlwilson carlwilson released this 28 Jun 14:19
· 110 commits to integration since this release

Version 1.24 (June 28, 2023)


  • added support for recursive processing of PDF files in ZIP archives
  • revised and upgraded plug-ins included into the installation bundle
  • added Cancel button in GUI to cancel the job
  • added new --progress parameter in CLI to report progress info
  • added new --config parameter in CLI to support config file as a new CLI argument
  • renamed xml report format option to raw in CLI (xml is now reserved for the default report format)
  • enchanced validation error messages and their variable data
  • support feature report in json format
  • added warnings on incompatible CLI arguments
  • fixed saving GUI application settings
  • fixed getting log level from the config file
  • fixed handling of malformed config files

PDF model

  • added new property nestingLevel to Hn structure element
  • added new properties firstPageIDValue and lastIDValue to COSDocument
  • refactored the properties of XMP and Info dictionary metadata
  • refactored the properties for Table structure elements
  • added a new property XMPCreatorSize for the number of creators

PDF Parser

  • added method to check for an ascii-string
  • updated predefined CMaps
  • fixed parsing hybrid PDFs
  • fixed decoding Flate filters with invalid checksum
  • fixed issue with duplicated short and long keys in inline image dictionaries
  • added warning for Page objects with missing resources dictionary
  • added support for PDF 2.0 namespace and PDF 2.0 standard structure elements
  • fixes of unhandled exceptions in malicious PDFs
  • fix of the CIDSet parsing for embedded OpenType fonts
  • updated regex for PDF Date to support border cases
  • added warning in case of invalid Version entry in the catalog
  • fixed an issue of accepting String value types where Name type is required and vice versa


  • (PDF/UA-1) fixed validating TU entry in form fields with multiple Widget annotations
  • (PDF/UA-1) refactored Table validation rules
  • (PDF/UA-1) added a new rule to check for presence of StructTreeRoot entry in the document catalog
  • (PDF/A-2,3,4) fixed issue with false negative for CMYK-based JPEG2000 images in presence of DefaultCMYK color space
  • (PDF/A-1,2,3,4) refactored and enchanced metadata fixer functionality
  • (PDF/A-2,3,4) permit empty Name for the optional content configuration dictionary
  • (PDF/A-2,3,4) fixed validation of circular role mapping
  • (PDF/A-1,2,3) updated rules ids to match the exact location of the corresponding "shall" clause in the specification
  • (PDF/A-1) fixed comparison of Info dictionary Author and XMP dc:creator in case of multiple authors/creators
  • (PDF/A-2,3,4) fixed handling of Default color spaces for DeviceN colorants
  • (PDF/UA-1) reverted Table Scope determination algorithm from PDF 2.0 to PDF 1.7

Core library

  • added support for jakarta and Spring Boot 3 (Java 11+ only)
  • fixed output encoding of all logs and reports to be UTF8 (independently of locale)

Full Changelog: v1.22.3...v1.24.1