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Add pickadate.js to your Rails 3.1+ app
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Pickadate-Rails Gem Version

Pickadate Version: 3.5.6

Easily add pickadate.js to your Rails 3.1+ application using the asset pipeline.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'pickadate-rails'

And then execute:

$ bundle


Pickadate has a number of files associated with it. They are documented on the pickadate repository. Files in this gem are namespaced into a pickadate folder, and otherwise match the filenames from the pickadate repo.

Add the desired files to your javascript/coffeescript

Often done in application.js:

//= require pickadate/picker # required
//= require pickadate/ # for the date picker
//= require pickadate/picker.time # for the time picker

Add the stylesheets for the theme you want

Often done in application.css.

For the default theme:

*= require pickadate/default
*= require pickadate/
*= require pickadate/default.time

For the classic theme:

*= require pickadate/classic
*= require pickadate/
*= require pickadate/classic.time


Translations are available by loading them in your javascript/coffeescript file. For example, in application.js

//= require pickadate/translations/bg_BG


Starting with version of this gem, we have switched to matching the gem version with pickadate's current version number. We'll use the tiny version number for changes to the gem itself. Therefore, the gem version jumps from 1.5 (bundling pickadate 3.5) to (bundling pickadate 3.5.2).


  1. Run rake pickadate:download
  2. Update lib/pickadate-rails/version
  3. Update the version number in the Readme
  4. Create a pull request


Pickadate itself and this gem are under the MIT license.

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