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Course notes for the uOttawa CS specialization program marked up in LaTeX with exported PDFs and graphic assets. No electives are included.

What you will find here

  • Source LaTeX files for the course notes in the core uOttawa CS Specialisation courses. Some of these are incomplete, but generally, they're missing only very small bits and pieces. Please report an issue in GitHub with the correction. Your correction will be archived, and you will be credited in this readme upon the next pull request.

  • The PDF exports. These can be found in the same file as the source LaTeX code.

What you won't find here

  • DGD content. DGDs cover mostly practice exercises, and these most likely vary between groups, semesters, and years. Plus, something something academic responsibility.

  • Assignments, for reasons similar to those listed above.

  • PDFs of books required for courses, at least, until the Pirate Party gets a voice in our government (which I sincerely hope will be sooner than later).

Occasionally, you may notice "INCOMPLETE" in all-caps. This denotes passages where either the prof changed slides too quickly, or I was stuck putting an ampersand in a bmatrix, or was doing something else with tricky key combinations. I'll try to update these as profs upload lecture slides online; if an INCOMPLETE is left on a document for more than 48 hours, the uploaded slides most likely don't contain that fragment. You may mark this as an issue if an INCOMPLETE is left for too long, but if you can, you should fork this repo, fill in the INCOMPLETEs, and send out a pull request. Your change will most likely be merged into the master branch, and you'll be credited.

In MAT 1320, some of the examples are omitted. This is because there's no way I could draw TikZ fast enough to keep up with the rate at which the slides change. These examples are all on the course website, in this PDF.

Commits and pushes can't be handled by cron because of a permissions issue. I'll try to keep them as consistent as possible.

License (in plain English)

  • Purpose: These notes are uploaded to this repository with the
    exclusive intent of helping out sick or otherwise absent students,
    and not to undermine, in any way, the integrity of the courses in
    which these notes were taken.

  • Ownership: These course notes were produced by the GitHub user verandaguy (, although they do contain contents of slides, presentations, and other media created by their respective courses' professors.

  • Removal policy: these notes may be subject to removal with short or without notice upon request to do so by the University of Ottawa and/or the professors.

  • Sharing: by all means. Share links to this repo with anyone who needs it, just remember to credit it to verandaguy.

  • Derivative works: I'm a self-taught LaTeX-er, on top of which my markup is done largely on the fly, making for non-semantic and dirty code in many spots. If you can correct this code, either upload it to your own repo/cloud drive/whatever and attribute the original to verandaguy, or post an issue using GitHub's issue reporting system. You will be credited for any contributions.

  • Redistribution: Reditstribution of this work or any derivative works for a profit is prohibited, as is the redistribution of this work in an illegal or criminal context. Otherwise, knock yourelf out.

  • Creative Commons: sure, why not. The contents of this repo are under a CC-BY-NC-SA (attribution - non-commercial - share-alike) license.

Year 1, semester 2 update

As of semester 2, the code I'm using is (hopefully) cleaner, and will most likely be more consistent (learned to use some new packages, added some convenient aliases, will be less guesswork when looking for obscure symbols, etc.). All graphics for MAT courses will now be renered in Mathematica, which I'll get better at using over time, leading to higher-contrast areas between curves and overall clearer graphics. Mathematica code will not be posted.

Use ALL the packages!

Yes, many of the files from now on will include some 10-15 packages up from the usual four or five. These are mainly packages I anticipate will be used during the semester. Cleanup will be done at the end of the semester if it turns out they weren't used.

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