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InterVA4 R replicate package

This is an R package replicating InterVA-4 software. For stable version of the package please visit

If you have any questions regarding this package, or have concerns/find bugs/have new ideas in better implementations to share, please contact Richard Li at

What's new

Old news

version 1.6

  • Added CSMF.interVA4() function for CSMF calculation as suggested in InterVA4 software.
  • Renamed the function Population.summary() into CSMF() as to make the name consistent with CSMF.interVA4().
  • Fixed problems with outputting all deaths (including those with key information missing, e.g., missing sex, age, or has no symptoms) to file.
  • Added finer control over which of the two bugs in InterVA-4.02 to replicate.

version 1.3

  • Fixed non-replicate version of InterVA, stop dropping off smaller probabilities.
  • Add new features to Population.summary, now CSMF could be calculated with either top K causes or InterVA top 3 causes.

version 1.2

  • Make the code runnable as long as the order of symptom is correct.
  • Output warnings for different column names.
  • enable group code of COD in the output file.
  • add noplot option to Population.summary.


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