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Automates the processing of verbal autopsy (VA) data from an ODK Aggregate server, through the openVA Pipeline middleware, and ending with a DHIS2 server (with the VA module). VA data are analyzed using the openVA package in R, which is demonstrated with code for an RShiny app in the openVA_App and described in the video tutorials: Installation Guide (Windows) and Analysis Guide.

The documentation for the openVA Pipeline can be found at:

Getting Started

The OpenVA Pipeline has been designed for (and tested on) Ubuntu LTS 20.04. The steps to install and configure the pipeline can be found in docs/ To make the installation easier, there is also a bash shell script that installs all of the necessary software (the script requires the sudo password).


GNU General Public License v3.0

Licenses for Dependencies (ODK Briefcase and SmartVA-Analyze)

The openva-pipeline package makes use of two external programs: ODK-Briefcase-v1.18.0.jar and smartva. ODK Briefcase is a tool in the Open Data Kit (ODK) Software Suite, and is open-source software available under the Apache 2.0 license (see ODK_Briefcase_LICENSE. smartva is an open-source command line interface application for linux (see the SmartVA-Analyze MIT License) that is available for download from the ihmeuw/SmartVA-Analyze repository. These applications are NOT included under the same license as the OpenVA Pipeline (GPL-3).