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  1. JSVerbalExpressions JSVerbalExpressions Public

    JavaScript Regular expressions made easy

    JavaScript 12.2k 509

  2. JavaVerbalExpressions JavaVerbalExpressions Public

    Java regular expressions made easy.

    Java 2.6k 241

  3. PHPVerbalExpressions PHPVerbalExpressions Public

    PHP Regular expressions made easy

    PHP 2.4k 145

  4. PythonVerbalExpressions PythonVerbalExpressions Public

    Python regular expressions made easy

    Python 1.6k 165

  5. CSharpVerbalExpressions CSharpVerbalExpressions Public

    C# 1.2k 112

  6. SwiftVerbalExpressions SwiftVerbalExpressions Public

    Swift Port of VerbalExpressions

    Swift 594 24


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