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A Craft CMS plugin to easily clone entry sections and entry types.


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Cloner for Craft CMS

Cloner is a Craft CMS plugin that adds a simple clone button to most types of content groups, allowing you to easily clone sections, entry types, category groups, user groups and more.

Supports cloning:

  • Asset Transforms
  • Category Groups
  • Entry Types
  • Filesystems
  • Global Sets
  • Sections
  • Tag Groups
  • User Groups
  • Volumes


Visit the Cloner Plugin page for all documentation, guides, pricing and developer resources.

Credit & Thanks

Based on Cloner for Craft 2.


Get in touch with us via the Cloner Support page or by creating a Github issue


Cloner is licensed under the MIT license, meaning it will always be free and open source – we love free stuff! If you'd like to show your support to the plugin regardless, Sponsor development.