A Craft CMS plugin for managing comments directly within the CMS.
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Comments Plugin for Craft CMS

Comments is a Craft CMS plugin that allows your users to comment on elements. Not a fan of using Disqus? All your comments are stored in your Craft install, and hooked up to your existing users.


  • Threaded comments - users can comment on other comments.
  • Anonymous users can comment (configurable).
  • Comment moderation by admins - prevent comments from appearing on your site until approved.
  • Supports upvoting and downvoting, along with flagging inappropriate comments.
  • Front-end editing and deleting of comment for logged in users.
  • Ready-to-go, single template tag for full comments list and reply form. Complete with CSS and Ajax-driven, vanilla Javascript.
  • Template override folder, so you can completely customise your own comment forms and front-end resources.
  • Comments can be made on any element type (entries, users, assets, etc).
  • Set permissions for each element (and element type) to allow or disable comments.
  • Plenty of settings to customise just about everything.


Visit the Comments Plugin page for all documentation, guides, pricing and developer resources.


Get in touch with us via the Comments Support page or by creating a Github issue