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Gift Voucher Plugin for Craft Commerce

Gift Voucher is a Craft Commerce plugin allowing your customers to purchase digital gift vouchers, which can be redeemed by other customers during checkout for a discount on their order. Support for intelligent redemptions, PDF generation, customer-entered amounts, and lots more!


  • Sell and redeem digital gift vouchers for your customers.
  • Create multiple voucher types with custom fields for ultimate flexibility.
  • Intelligent redemptions - only spend the required amount off your voucher code, or pay any remainder.
  • Optional expiration dates.
  • Set fixed or custom amounts for gift vouchers. Useful if you'd like your customers to set their own price.
  • Track redemptions, see how customers are spending
  • Manually create coupon codes. You can also override prices in case you need to give customers a little extra something.
  • Generate PDF gift vouchers - 100% control over your templates.
  • Template example to get you started.


Visit the Gift Voucher Plugin page for all documentation, guides, pricing and developer resources.


Get in touch with us via the Gift Voucher Support page or by creating a Github issue


A Craft Commerce plugin to provide Gift Certificate/Voucher functionality.




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