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AWS local-instancedata

This tool is a simple /bin/sh tool that uses curl (*nix) or fetch (BSD) to walk the AWS instancedata from and create a local copy of that data.

The AWS instancedata end-point at provides your instance various meta-data and user-data that assists the instance to spin-up, configure itself and operate. Obtaining this data via this transport mechanism is great unless you are operating an edge case (perhaps unusual) scenario that (a) restricts access to the reserved local-net netblock, or (b) requests data from this endpoint quick enough that AWS throttle those requests which can leave you with null/empty response data making the scripts and tooling that relies on this data to behave inconsistently or unpredictably.

The code is wrapped in an outer aws_local_instancedata function with local variables inside making the whole thing easy to cut-n-paste into your user-data startup scripts. The examples below show the code being imported via a standard . import mechanism

NB: this is /bin/sh not /bin/bash or some other shell.

Example - using defaults, a full copy of the latest instancedata will be saved at the /var/lib/cloud/instance/instance-data path:-


Example - writing the instancedata to an alternative /tmp/instancedata path:-

aws_local_instancedata /tmp/instancedata

Example - only create a local copy of the instance meta-data and write to an alternative /tmp/meta-data path - NB: the second /user-data/ parameter with forward-slash at beginning and end:-

aws_local_instancedata /tmp/meta-data /meta-data/

This toolchain helpful when bootstrapping firewall instances in AWS because network traffic rules with firewall instances can (rightly or wrongly) have opinionated rules and filters that prevent access to the local-net address space.


Depending on the deployment arrangement, the instancedata may contain sensitive data, you need to consider if this is appropriate for your use case and manage accordingly.


This code is managed by Verb Networks.


Apache 2 Licensed. See LICENSE file for full details.


Shell tool that uses curl/fetch to walk the AWS instancedata from and create a local copy of that data





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