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The Autossh plugin for OPNsense is a tool for establishing, maintaining and managing reliable SSH tunnels with remote hosts. It can be used to solve a wide range of connection challenges through the (sometimes creative) use of TCP port-forwards.


  • Default ssh-key permissions that prevent unwanted remote ssh-server shell access abuses.
  • Ability to define local-forward and remote-forward TCP tunnels.
  • Ability to define local network SOCKS proxy via a remote host (aka dynamic-forward).
  • Ability to bind outbound ssh connections to different (external) interfaces.
  • Ability to configure many (27x) of the ssh-client connection parameters, including all cryptographic options.
  • Ability to observe the health status of the tunnel at a glance.
  • Can rely on Autossh to reestablish a tunnel after a connectivity outage.

Use cases

  • Provide remote network access to a site that has no public addresses, such as when ISPs use NAT.
  • Ensure redundant multipath remote access via primary and secondary connections via interface binding.
  • Create your own "privacy" VPN system for all local network users using a SOCKS proxy (dynamic-forward) to a remote system.
  • Provide local network access to remote system services such as a SMTP relay or another SSH service.
  • Provide remote system access to a local network services such as a database or RDP service.
  • Provide access remote system access to other remote network acting as a middle-man TCP-port connector.


Plugin managed by Verb Networks Pty Ltd


BSD-2-Clause - see LICENSE file for full details.