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Submitting a new plugin or theme to Hyper Store

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We'd love to have your Hyper plugin or theme listed in the Hyper Store! If you want to add your plugin or theme to the Hyper Store list, follow the instructions that follow.

1. Create your plugin or theme

Follow the instructions detailed in the Hyper repo in the file.

2. Publish your plugin or theme to npm

For users to easily install your package, we use npm as the underlying service, therefore your plugin or theme needs to be published to npm. We suggest that your plugin is named with the prefix hyper- (for example hyper-native) and has either hyper-plugin or hyper-theme as a keyword depending on the type of your package. This will help users easily identify your package as a Hyper plugin or theme.

Along with the previous suggestion, it'd be really helpful if your plugin if open-sourced, to provide a repository in your package.json so that the security conscious user will be able to review your code easily. You can read more about adding a repository to your package.json here:

3. Submit your plugin or theme to Hyper Store

simply edit the plugins.json file and add the following information:

    // Your name must match the name which you published your package under on npm
    "name": "hyper-snazzy",
    // Describe your theme or plugin! If you have a description in your package.json, this is optional
    "description": "Elegant Hyper theme with bright colors",
    // List if your package is a "plugin" or "theme" so we can properly sort it
    "type": "theme",
    // A preview image of your plugin or theme. Can be a gif, png, jpeg, etc. Recommended dimensions
    // are 600x400 pixels but it'd be perfect if you could make the density 2x for retina screens (1200x800)
    "preview": "",
    // If your package is a theme, you can provide an array of colors that your theme uses!
    // This'll help catch the users eye 👀
    "colors": [
    // The timestamp of the date in which you added your plugin or theme to this repo.
    // (Use npx to run `npx date-now-cli` in your terminal or use `` in your browser's console to get the current timestamp)
    "dateAdded": "1521644449784"

Note: The example is written in the format expected in the file but it contains comments that do not go into the file but are just there to give more information on what you can provide.

After you've edited the plugins.json file, you can submit a pull-request to this repo with your changes. Once you've done that, we'll review it and if it's all good, we'll accept!

That's it 😍

We're looking forward to seeing all of your plugins and themes added!

Looking for information about how to create a plugin or theme? Take a look at the file in the Hyper repo.

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