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Hyper 1.0.0 is here!

Windows support and improved Linux support

We are very excited to announce that we now support Windows – and we're also shipping a first-class Linux version:

- We moved from [`child_pty`]( to [`pty.js`]( – they're both great libraries to interact with a pseudo terminal, but just the latter supports Windows – – [Thanks @Tyriar] - We rewrote the UI for the tabs in order for them to work with Electron's constraints on Windows and Linux – – [@codetheory] - We added a _hamburguer menu_ so the application menu can be easily accessed – [@codetheory + @evilrabbit]

Check #946 and #1058 for more info

Improved internationalization and foreign keyboards support

We are shipping a fix for a very common issue: if you're using a foreign keyboard, such as Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish etc, you weren't able to type some characters like á, ä, ~ and so on. That's not the case anymore!

- We inject a `hyper-caret` div with `contenteditable="true"` inside the `hterm`'s cursor. With that, we're able to listen for the [composition events]( – with them, we can _morph_ the cursor to show some visual feedback when you are typing a composed character –

Unicode and emojis

This version comes with an initial fix for issues with special Unicode characters – and Emojis 😍. Thanks to our amazing contributors, you will now see the following instead of a bunch of �s:

- We patched `hterm` to make it handle strings with _special_ Unicode characters correctly – some emojis are composed of multiple characters, so we need to be careful when splitting a string to render it – [@dotcypress] - We also patched the way `hterm` render special Unicode chars – we now wrap each one with a `` instead of wrapping the entire line – – [@BenoitAverty]

Customize the look of the active session

Now you can customize the look of the active session via the .term_active CSS class:

  • The active <Term /> will receive an active CSS class. Therefore, after the rendering, the .term_active CSS class will be available. You can use it (and the absence of it) to customize any CSS property for the active split pane – #905 – [@weslleyaraujo]
  • Check hyper-simple-highlight-active-session for an example of how to use it.


We are shipping a new Electron version that supports vibrancy on macOS:


Further improved developer experience

We have improved the development workflow – we hope that we made easier for you to contribute:

  • Instead of using a unified start task with concurrently, we now have separate dev and start tasks. This means that Hyper will not fail to boot anymore because Webpack is still working – ed76f4e
  • We introduced a lint task, so you can run only the linter to check if your code style match ours – 332d303

Special thanks

We'd like to thank these 22 contributors for their amazing work on Hyper – they made this release possible!

❤️ @BenoitAverty @breber @chabou @codetheory @davegomez @dfrankland @dotcypress @evilrabbit @flyngate @iamstarkov @mike-engel @oliverdunk @parro-it @ppot @Specro @stefanivic @timneutkens @Tyriar @vors @weslleyaraujo @zbuttram ❤️