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Add details to with-scoped-external-css (#3055)
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guidiego authored and timneutkens committed Oct 8, 2017
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#### Supported Langs
The plugin supports the `less`, `scss` and `css` file extensions. It is possible to add support for another pre-processor by creating a function to compile the code. In the example we use `sass` as our css pre-processor

To edit the types you need to go to `.babelrc`

You need to edit the `.babelrc` and sometimes the `pre-processor.js` to work with another languages, if you want to use SCSS the solution and explanation (fit with other css-pre-processors) are in this issue <3 [#3053](

#### Attention Points
- Next.js doesn't have support for watching `*.css files. So you will have to edit a Javascript file to re-compile the css. In the future this will be fixed by [#823](

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