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@shuding shuding released this 05 Oct 21:13
· 42 commits to main since this release

The SWR 2.0 release candidate. This RC has one breaking change, a new option for mutation APIs, and some bug fixes & improvements.

Highlights & Breakings

A failed mutation will not cause useSWR's error to be updated:

const { error, mutate } = useSWR('/api/user', getUser)

return <button onClick={async () => {
  try {
    await mutate(updateUser)
  } catch (mutationError) {
    // `mutationError` will not cause `error` to be updated.
}}>Update User</button>

In 2.0, with the example above, error will only be coming from getUser and will be shared across all useSWR('/api/user') hooks. And mutation errors (mutationError) will be coming from mutations like updateUser calls, they will be separated from fetcher errors.

There is also a new option throwOnError for useSWRMutation to disable the default throwing behavior of trigger:

const { trigger } = useSWRMutation('/api/user', updateUser)

try {
  await trigger()
} catch (err) {
  // ... it throws when failed to trigger the mutation so you can
  // easily change the flow here
const { trigger, error } = useSWRMutation('/api/user', updateUser, {
  throwOnError: false

// You don't need to try-catch here, you can instead handle errors
// on the component level in a declarative way
await trigger()

Read more about this change in #2182.

What's Changed

  • chore: fix missing husky warning by @huozhi in #2160
  • fix: Remove downlevelIteration and traverse iterator manually by @huozhi in #2181
  • fix: re-render when returned data and fallbackData is the same and keepPreviousData is enabled by @koba04 in #2169
  • breaking: Change the error broadcasting behavior in mutations and add throwOnError option by @shuding in #2182
  • docs: Add JSDoc comments to useSWRMutation by @shuding in #2183

Full Changelog: 2.0.0-beta.7...2.0.0-rc.0