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Major Verdaccio versions are released at May every year. After the release, the running (previous) version is being supported for 6 more months which gives users enough time to update their systems.

We cannot guarantee accurate releases due that depends on the available resources and contributions, the statement in this document just describe what you can expect from the project maintainers.



Verdaccio might introduce or not breaking changes, we aim to have backward compatibility, but sometimes is not entirely possible.

At Docker hub, we use to release a next version after the first alpha is being released. For instance, 4.x-next.


Minor patches do not have specific dates to be released, but usually, take places every month.


Patches are released not that long after are being merged, we try to release them as fast and progressive as possible.

Alpha and Beta

Once the first alpha is shipped, will accept new features and bug fixing. We encourage do not use alpha versions at production due to unexpected breaking changes might take place. Beta versions are considered a candidate for release and at this stage, no breaking changes will be introduced.

During the development, several versions will be shipped over Docker hub and npmjs registry. Only at Docker hub, you might find tagged next releases which are built constantly having to access the latest changes without having to wait to a npmjs release.


Previous versions are being maintained for 6 months after the major release is shipped. We have as a principal objective fix security vulnerabilities and update dependencies. We do not accept any new feature once a version is moved to maintenance.

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