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Features suggestions #65

verekia opened this Issue · 13 comments

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verekia Cerebral Interactive Diego Viola Gontar Aiko Cheslin Stephen Coogan Bogdan Jiyda

I want to keep Initializr as simple as possible, but some new features might be interesting to have.
The ones I'm currently considering:

  • Sass
  • ZURB Foundation
Cerebral Interactive

SASS would definitely be good now that LESS is no longer an option. Zurb would be an interesting alternative to Bootstrap, and I've been interested in playing with it but haven't had the chance. One thing I've absolutely fallen in love with is AngularJS ( for an application framework. I would believe it would integrate into Initializr really easily.

Here are some things that I've been interested in:

Anyway, I'm not suggesting you add all of these things. I just thought I'd share what I'm looking into for my web application development toolkit.

Thanks again for all your hard work :)

Diego Viola

Why Bootstrap have not longer the options for LESS files? :(


I removed the Less option mostly because:

  • Less is more buggy than Sass (around 200 open issues) and has less features
  • People are confused about less.js, which is a terrible bad practice when used client-side in production
  • At this point, making people use Less is like making people use Mootools instead of jQuery. Sass won the fight, and having multiple tools doing the same thing is not good for us. Just use the best one to make the community grow as much as possible.

I would recommend learning more about CSS Preprocessors to understand why Sass is a better choice. You should also take a look at the latest Sass features with this article from @chriseppstein about Sass 3.2 which is amazing.

There are Sass versions of Twitter Bootstrap like this one by @jlong, and I will probably add a Sass option based on it at some point.

I know this is annoying if you were used to Less, but the transition to Sass is really easy and trust me, it's for your own good :)

Diego Viola

Thanks for the informations: you've convinced me. Soon I'll try Bootstrap with SASS.
Only one question: why Twitter are using LESS and not SASS?


Here, it's in the slides :)

Diego Viola

Thank you, I did not see it :)


Do you think about add jQueryUI to your project.
Mayby you can use this project

SASS is very good choice.

Aiko Cheslin

Adding a selection of development tools would be really nice as well.

Live.js Livereload

Less.js Compiler

Sass.js Compiler
could not find one but, it would be really nice for development.

Stephen Coogan

:+1: for Zurb Foundation

As much as I love Bootstrap, I've found myself starting to use Foundation more and more.
It would also be nice to have more than just the one framework to choose from.


+1 for h5bp w/ Zurb foundation from my side too! I really love twttr bootstrap, but I just prefer more zurb's grid system with large-X small-Y option...


@Lucidpaper just replace @import sprites.less with font-awesome's less file in bootstrap.less and recompile, and you'll have font-awesome, else, there's already a css file which also has a reset for bootstrap icons, so they're not displayed repeatedly those with same names, as a bg from bootstrap and as content from font-awesome


I second the Foundation integration with h5bp

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