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This is a Bitcoin miner for the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture (CBEA). It
was developed on a PS3 using Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.1.
Bitcoin donations accepted: 18xDLQsJ94ihhx5YovqAhVY2b9SC5b81h
Debian Packages [aptitude install ...]
* make
* gcc
* binutils-spu
* ruby1.9.1-dev
* libspe2-dev
> gcc-spu
> binutils
> ruby1.9.1
> libspe2-2
(packages marked > should be included automatically as dependencies of
packages marked *)
Ruby Gems [gem1.9.1 install ...]
* net-http-persistent
In order to make use of your SPEs under Linux, you must have spufs mounted on
/spu. For example:
# mount -t spufs spufs /spu
Or equivalently, ensure /etc/fstab contains a line similar to the following:
spufs /spu spufs defaults 0 0
$ make
$ ./cellminer --help
RPC username and password will default to those found in