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A ledger validator that accepts either signatures or proof of work
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A validator for bedrock-ledger-node that determines if M of N digital signatures on a document, an Equihash proof, or any combination thereof satisfies the requirements.

The Validator API

  • validateConfiguration(validatorConfig, callback(err))
  • validateEvent(signedDocument, validatorConfig, callback(err))
  • mustValidateEvent(signedDocument, validatorConfig, callback(err, result))


For documentation on configuration, see config.js.

Usage Example

const brValidator = require('veres-one-validator');

const validatorConfig = {
  type: 'VeresOneValidator2017',
  eventFilter: [{
    type: 'EventTypeFilter',
    eventType: ['WebLedgerEvent']

const signedDocument = {};

// when ledgers are created, or configuration changes are made, consensus
// algorithms should validate the validator configuration using the
// `validateConfiguration` API
brValidator.validateConfiguration(validatorConfig, err => {
  if(err) {
    throw new Error('An error occurred when validating the configuration: ' + err.message);
  console.log('SUCCESS: The configuration was validated.');

// consensus algorithms use the `mustValidateEvent` API to determine if this
// validator is designed to operate on a particular event
brValidator.mustValidateEvent(signedDocument, validatorConfig, (err, result) => {
  if(err) {
    throw new Error('An error occurred: ' + err.message);
  if(!result) {
    console.log('The `validateEvent` API should NOT be used for this event.');
  console.log('The `validateEvent` API should be used for this event.');

// if the `mustValidateEvent` API returns true, then consensus algorithms should
// call the `validateEvent` API for the event
brValidator.validateEvent(signedDocument, validatorConfig, err => {
  if(err) {
    throw new Error('An error occurred when validating the document: ' + err.message);
  console.log('SUCCESS: The document was validated.');
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