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  1. QT Wallets
  2. Electrum Wallets
  3. FAQs / Common Issues with Wallets
  4. API Reference
  5. Core Codebase Changelog


QT Wallets


Verge QT Wallet - Windows Guide for Beginners


Verge QT Wallet - OS X Guide for Beginners

Other Mac QT YouTube Videos by XVGMonk


Linux Building Instructions

Electrum Wallets

Electrum-XVG "Clearnet" Wallet

Electrum XVG "Clearnet" Beginner's Guide

Electrum-XVG Tor Wallet

Verge Tor Electrum Beginner's Guide

FAQs & Common Issues

We are transitioning all technical assistance guides to Zendesk. Please visit here for FAQs and Common Issue guides:
Verge Zendesk

API References

  1. RPC Commands
    Command Index

Core Codebase Changelog

VERGE is based upon BTC Core and as such will be updated periodically to ensure VERGE is operating on the most current version of BTC Core.

Below are references to all the changes that have been implemented into VERGE thus far.

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