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How to: Install the latest Verge Qt Wallet — Mac High Sierra

Step 1- Download the wallet

Download the .dmg file here: VergeQT 4.0.2

Open Finder and double click VERGE-Qt-4–7–2018.dmg file from the downloads folder.

Click and drag VERGE to the Applications folder to the left:


Step 2 -Downloading and Installing the Blockchain:

Download the file:

  • Go to Finder and drag the file from Download folder to your Desktop.
  • Open Spotlight Search on your Mac by selecting Command + SpaceBar on your keyboard.
  • Type: Terminal and hit enter.
  • Terminal opens up.

Copy: cd ~/Desktop paste it in Terminal and hit enter.

Copy: python paste it in Terminal and hit enter.

At this point you’re downloading and installing the blockchain, just wait as you see the % increase. You’re done once you see — copying extracted files.

Your installation is complete. Enjoy.

Note: if does not automatically download the Blockchain, the following step should be taken

Download the latest blockchain from the following location:

Verge Blockchain

This will take some time. Wait for Blockchain to download then procede back to step 2.

Having issues opening your wallet after these steps?

Step 4: Open Terminal.

In Terminal run these 4 commands separately starting with xcode-select --install:

for OSX users who have issues on High Sierra, do this: open the terminal and run following commands in the exact order.

xcode-select --install

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL …)"

brew doctor

brew install boost

Shout out to XVG Monk for original writeup

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