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@SwenVanZanten SwenVanZanten released this Jan 9, 2019 · 267 commits to master since this release


  • Sending isn't possible on iPad #66
  • Two trash bins get displayed on deletable transaction #76
  • Send summary didn't get filled when no fiat prices could get fetched from the server #85
  • Amount on the send view always subtracted the fee even when no amount was selected #62
  • Wallet ticker didn't work a second time with Tor active #79
  • QR codes of the normal receive address now has a better contrast because most Android phones couldn't read it #78
  • Read all QT QR codes
  • With a new wallet receiving a transaction the "No transactions" placeholder got stuck in the background until restart #67
  • The send view placeholder when there is no balance was still being shown when there was a balance increase #63
  • Enable sharing your XVG address card on telegram #61
  • The amount input didn't show the amount after edit with some currency formatting #72


  • Address validation for contact creation #53
  • Add fiat currencies DKK (Denmark), SGD (Singapore), THB (Thailand) and RUB (Russia) #69


  • Amount input on receive view replaced by the same kind of input from the send view #74
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