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Verge Core Installers

Getting Started

This repository contains software and scripts that help to install VERGE Wallet Application on various operation systems.

If you have wallet data on your system, you need to backup your wallet data before starting installation!

Verge Wallet Installer (Windows)


Windows 7+ Operating System

Internet connection

Steps to Install Verge Wallet

1 - You need to download and open "verge_wallet_installer.exe" executable file to run wizard.


2 - License screen will welcome to you, you need to click "I Agree" button to go forward.

3 - Next screen will be Choose Verge Component screen. If you haven't installed Verge Blockhain, "Verge Core Wallet" and "Verge Blockchain" options should be checked. You can go forward by clicking "Next" button.

4 - In this screen, you need to specify your destination folder and then you can click "Next" button.

5 - In order to connect VERGE RPC server, you need to specify your password. If you have already password, you can type it into both field to go forward. You should not leave password fields empty to protect your account. After typing your password twice times, you can go forward by clicking "Next" button.

6 - In next screen, if you want to create startup folder shortcut, you can specify shortcut name. "Next" button will bring you to next screen.

7 - In this screen, Verge Core Wallet will be installed your system. After that if you select Verge Blockhain during third step, it will download VERGE Blockchain to your system and install it.

8 - When all installation steps finish, you can close wizard by clicking "Close" button.

OS X VERGE Blockchain Installation Python Script

After dragging verge wallet .dmg file to your Applications folder, you need to install VERGE blockchain in your Library/Application Support/Verge folder.

Instead of doing that, we prepared python VERGE Blockchain Installation script. You can use it by applying following steps.


Internet connection

Steps to use VERGE Blockchain Installation Python Script

1 - Download script file from this repository and copy to your Desktop folder.


2 - You need to press F4 button on your keyboard, it will open launchpad.

3 - Type "terminal" into search bar and launchpad will bring terminal application icon.

4 - Type following commands into your terminal

cd ~/Desktop

That's all. :)

Happy Verge Transactions !

If you have any questions, feel free to reach me

If you like my work and tip me, my XVG address: DQWikNX6mE3pTM617C4A8PHvT3QKApQUdW