Concession Session - A video game final project for W4995 Video Game Design: MarioKart meets Diner Dash!
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Concession-Session is an XNA/C# based game created for Bernie Yee's W4995 Video Game Design Course at Columbia University.

Concession Session is a fast-paced two-player competitive game that draws upon the head-to-head competition of Mario Kart Racing, and the multitasking frenzy of Diner Dash. Players try to outscore their opponent by quickly obtaining and matching food items from the arena based on customer orders. Requiring fast reflexes and quick thinking, successful players develop unique strategies, and employ a variety of offensive and defense power-ups to best their opponent.

Requires a compatible XBox controller - WILL NOT RUN otherwise.

Authors: Alan Verga Ernesto Arreguin Richard Mwaobasi Yiling Hu Elena Gredjakina