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A Javascript Konami Code listener to integrate in webpages.
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KoCodeJS - A library for Konami Code

Copyright (c) 2019, Thanasis Vergoulis (

This is just a fun project. It provides a Javascript open source implementation of a konami code listener for websites.


Just include the Javascript code in your HTML file like this:

<script src="kocode.js">

And then start the listener like this:

	document.onkeyup = konami_code;

When the user is viewing the HTML page and then hits the correct sequence of keys a custom Javascript code is executed (e.g., an alert message). Of course you can alter the custom code to implement a different functionality (e.g., change and HTML element).

The file test.html is just a toy example of an HTML page using the Javascript library. Have fun!


The code is provided under a GNU/GPL license.

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