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HTML5 canvas arrows for blocks (javaScript)

It is small javaScript library for connecting static div blocks an arrows on web page.

Documentation, examples and demos.

How to use:

Step1: (Add lib.)

    <script src='../arrows.1.0.0.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

Step2: (Initialize(once) and draw arrows)

    <script type='text/javascript'>
          var cArrow = $cArrows('#commonParent').arrow('#fromDiv', '.toDiv').arrow('.fromDiv2', '#toDiv2');


  • arrow(from, to, options) - from(string), to(string), options(object - optional)
  • arrows(arrowsArray) - arrowsArray(array[])
  • clear()
  • draw()
  • redraw()
  • updateOptions(newOptions)

Advanced Settings:

    <script type='text/javascript'>
          var cArrow2 = $cArrows('#commonParent', { render: { strokeStyle: '#EC971F', lineWidth: 3 } }) // options for all arrows
          .arrow('#fromDiv', '.toDiv')
          .arrow('.fromDiv2', '#toDiv2', { render: { strokeStyle: '#2D6CA2' } }); //options for one arrow
          cArrow2.arrow('.block3', '.block2', { arrow: { connectionType: 'ellipseAngle', arrowSize: 4 } }); // drawing more other arrows

License: GNU GPL