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package com.vbo
* Please don't forget add and modify to yourself following dependency in pom.xml
* <dependency>
* <groupId>org.elasticsearch</groupId>
* <artifactId>elasticsearch-spark-20_2.11</artifactId>
* <version>7.5.0</version>
* </dependency>
import org.apache.spark.sql.{SparkSession, functions => F}
import org.apache.log4j.{Logger, Level}
object SparkESIntegrationBatch extends App {
val spark = SparkSession.builder
.config("spark.executor.memory", "8g")
.config("spark.driver.memory", "2g")
import spark.implicits._
println("Spark version", spark.version)
// Read data
val df ="csv")
.option("header", true)
.option("inferSchema", true)
// drop nulls
val df2 =
// row counts before drop nulls
println("row counts before drop nulls: " + df.count())
// row counts after drop nulls
println("row counts after drop nulls: " + df2.count())
// datastructure to keep geolocation (fields must be named lat and lon)
case class GeoPoint(lat: Double, lon: Double)
// A function to transform two separate column into one single column (location)
val makeGoepointForES = (latitude: Double, longitude: Double) => {
GeoPoint(latitude, longitude)
// register function
val makeGoepointForESFunc = F.udf(makeGoepointForES)
// Put "latitude","longitude" column into one column named location
val df3 = df2.withColumn("location", makeGoepointForESFunc('latitude, 'longitude))
// See what happened
// If transformation operation successfull, drop "latitude","longitude" columns
val df4 = df3.drop("latitude","longitude")
// Write to ES
.option("es.nodes", "cloudera")
val dfFromES ="org.elasticsearch.spark.sql")
.option("es.nodes", "cloudera")
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