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Verifai SDK Android example app

This repository contains two example implementations (written in Kotlin and Java) of the Verifai Android SDK. The Verifai SDK can be used to verify the identity of users. This can be done by scanning passports or other identification documents with the camera of the Android device. This in combination with on device optical character recognition (OCR).

The latest documentation that describes the use of this SDK can be found over here: docs. Please feel free to submit issues, pull requests and/or contact our support.

A Verifai licence is needed to make the examples work. Request a licence at To convert the licence string to the right format in, the can be used.

./create_licence_string "my licence string from the dashboard"

The "Android" name is property of Google LLC.

Verifai Copyright © | All rights reserved | The Verifai terms and conditions apply: