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This project is deprecated, please use PurePress instead.

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VeriPress is a blog engine for hackers, which is very similar to Octopress and Hexo, but with some different features. It's written in Python 3.4+ based on Flask web framework. Here is a demo.


  • Supports three publish types: post, page, widget
  • Theme management
  • Custom post/page layout
  • Supports Markdown, HTML and plain TXT
  • Run as dynamic web app
  • Generating static HTML pages
  • API mode
  • Atom feed
  • and more...

Quick Start

It's dead easy to get started with VeriPress:

$ pip3 install veripress  # Install VeriPress
$ mkdir ~/my-veripress  # Create an empty folder as a VeriPress instance
$ cd ~/my-veripress
$ veripress init  # Initialize the VeriPress instance
$ veripress theme install default  # Install the "default" theme
$ veripress preview  # Preview the instance

Run the above commands and then you can visit the very initial VeriPress instance at

See documentation for more information on how to use VeriPress.


Documentation is now available in Simplified Chinese (简体中文), and the English version is coming soon.


There are some official themes here, and also a theme collection here (in Simplified Chinese).


If you want to help to develop VeriPress, fork this repo and send me a pull request. Source codes of docs and demo are also available in this repo, so if you find mistakes, feel free to send me a pull request too.

If you just have some questions or bug reports, you can also submit issues in this repo.

Thanks for your support and help.