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Install VTR

  1. :ref:`Download <get_vtr>` the VTR release

  2. Unpack the release in a directory of your choice (herafter referred to as :term:`$VTR_ROOT`)

  3. Navigate to :term:`$VTR_ROOT` and run


    which will build all the required tools.


:term:`$VTR_ROOT` should be replaced with the path to the root of VTR source tree on your machine.

The complete VTR flow has been tested on 64-bit Linux systems. The flow should work in other platforms (32-bit Linux, Windows with cygwin) but this is untested.

.. seealso:: More information about building VTR can be found in the :ref:`developer_guide`

Please :ref:`let us know <contact>` your experience with building VTR so that we can improve the experience for others.

The tools included official VTR releases have been tested for compatibility. If you download a different version of those tools, then those versions may not be mutually compatible with the VTR release.

Verifying Installation

To verfiy that VTR has been installed correctly run:

$VTR_ROOT/vtr_flow/scripts/ basic_flow

The expected output is: