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Pass Requirements

The :ref:`parse_vtr_task` scripts allow you to compare an executed task to a golden reference result. The comparison, which is performed when using the :option:` -check_golden` option, which reports either Pass or Fail. The requirements that must be met to qualify as a Pass are specified in the pass requirements file.

Task Configuration

Tasks can be configured to use a specific pass requirements file using the pass_requirements_file keyword in the :ref:`vtr_tasks` configuration file.

File Location

All provided pass requirements files are located here:


Users can also create their own pass requirement files.

File Format

Each line of the file indicates a single metric, data type and allowable values in the following format:

  • <metric>: The name of the metric.

  • <requirement>: The metric's pass requirement.

    Valid requiremnt types are:

    • Equal(): The metric value must exactly match the golden reference result.
    • Range(<min_ratio>,<max_ratio>): The metric value (normalized to the golden result) must be between <min_ratio> and <max_ratio>.
    • RangeAbs(<min_ratio>,<max_ratio>,<abs_threshold>): The metric value (normalized to the golden result) must be between <min_ratio> and <max_ratio>, or the metric's absolute value must be below <abs_threshold>.

Or an include directive to import metrics from a separate file:

%include "<filepath>"
  • <filepath>: a relative path to another pass requirements file, whose metric pass requirements will be added to the current file.

In order for a Pass to be reported, all requirements must be met. For this reason, all of the specified metrics must be included in the parse results (see :ref:`vtr_parse_config`).

Comments can be specified with #. Anything following a # is ignored.

Example File

vpr_status;Equal()                      #Pass if precisely equal
vpr_seconds;RangeAbs(0.80,1.40,2)       #Pass if within -20%, or +40%, or absolute value less than 2
num_pre_packed_nets;Range(0.90,1.10)    #Pass if withing +/-10%

%include "routing_metrics.txt"          #Import all pass requirements from the file 'routing_metrics.txt'