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<Object_Set_Alignment id="" />


Assigns a specified alignment to a single or multiple objects given the object ids.


  • id(s) (required) — object id to be assigned an alignment
  • alignment id (required) — alignment to be used for assignment

Return format

A XML response with the following format:

  • response — default wrapper for all API responses
    • data — default wrapper for all secondary data API responses
    • 'object_set_alignment' — container for object information


  • 406 — Missing parameter "id(s)" in request

Sample Call

<object_set_alignment id="4"  alignment_id="7" />

 - Assigns Circle{4} to the first Auto-Alignment{7}. ID's are found from <Object_list />
<object_set_alignment ids="4,5,6"  alignment_id="7" />

 - Assigns a series of Features{4,5,6} to the first Auto-Alignment{7}. ID's are found from <Object_list />

Sample Response

        <acknowledgement />