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Midtrans  WHMCS Payment Gateway Module

Midtrans  ❤️ WHMCS! Integrate WHMCS with Midtrans  payment gateway, easily allows you to accept payments with Midtrans' various payment methods.


Midtrans  payment gateway is an online payment gateway. We strive to make payments simple for both the merchant and customers. With this plugin you can start accepting online payment on your WHMCS using Midtrans  payment gateway.

Payment Method Feature:

Installation Instruction

Minimum Requirements

  • WHMCS v5.3.12 - v8.x or greater (Tested up to WHMCS v8.3.1 - running well)
  • PHP version 5.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater


  1. Download the modules from this repository.
  2. Extract file you have previously downloaded.
  3. Upload (or merge) modules folder that you have extracted into your WHMCS directory modules folder.

Sample folder structure

[Your WHMCS installation folder, it should contains `index.php` file from the whmcs installation]
  |- [other_folder_from_whmcs]
  |- [other_folder_from_whmcs]
  |- [other_folder_from_whmcs]
  |- modules
    |- gateways
      |- veritrans-lib
      |- veritrans.php
      |- veritranspromo.php
      |- callback
        |- veritrans.php

Or follow this official guide from WHMCS.

Installation & Configuration

  1. Access your WHMCS admin page.
  2. Go to menu Configuration > System Settings > Payment Gateways (Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways in WHMCS 7.10 and earlier).
  3. Click Midtrans payment method, then you will be redirected to configuration page.
  4. Fill the input as instructed on the screen. Click Save Changes.

Midtrans  MAP Configuration

  1. Login to your Midtrans  Account, select your environment (sandbox/production), go to menu settings > configuration
    • Payment Notification URL: http://[your website url]/modules/gateways/callback/veritrans.php
    • Finish Redirect URL: http://[your website url]
    • Unfinish Redirect URL: http://[your website url]
    • Error Redirect URL: http://[your website url]

Log options

Logging is not something that is always enabled. This is to avoid logs growing too large, so it’s something that needs enabling for the logging to occur. Enabling logging can help you trace what happened and help troubleshoot technical issues.

  1. Make sure your Administrator role has the View Module Debug Log permission.
  2. Go to Configuration > System Logs > Module Log (Utilities > Logs > Module Log in WHMCS 7.x and earlier).
  3. Switch Module Logging to On.

You can view the Module logs at Configuration > System Logs > Module Log (Utilities > Logs > Module Log in WHMCS 7.x and earlier)


If you encounter payment popup not being properly opened on invoice page, try these solution:

On menu Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways, tick option Payment Redirect To Midtrans. Customer will be redirected to Midtrans instead of popup. This can minimize popup issue.

If you use non IDR currency on WHMCS and encounter issue of paid amount is too big or does not match with invoice amount:

Try to enable configuration Use Invoice amount as paid amount to use the invoice amount as paid amount. Note: this will also means it will not check the actual paid amount on Payment Gateway, but it can avoid currency conversion issues.

Or Try to enable Try convert back paid amount currency to try to convert back from paid amount in IDR to original customer currency, using builtin WHMCS converter. Note: WHMCS converter may not 100% accurate.

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