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Veritrans VT-Web Integration with Magento
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Veritrans Magento plugin

Let your Magento store integrated with Veritrans payment gateway.

What's new?

  • fix bug for notification
  • more payment method
  • enable installment feature for BNI & Mandiri


Veritrans payment gateway is an online payment gateway that is highly concerned with customer experience (UX). They strive to make payments simple for both the merchant and customers. With this plugin you can make your Magento store using Veritrans payment.

Payment Method Feature:

  • VT Web


Minimum Requirements

  • This plugin is tested with Magento version 1.9
  • PHP version 5.4 or greater

Manual Instalation

  1. Extract the

  2. Locate the root Magento directory of your shop via FTP connection

  3. Copy the 'app', 'lib' and 'skin' folders into magento root folder

  4. In your Magento admin area, enable the Veritrans plug-in and insert your merchant details (Server key and client key)

  5. Login into your Veritrans account and change the Payment Notification URL in Settings to http://[your shop's homepage]/vtweb/payment/notification.

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