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Documentation on Verizy’s API
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Verizy is an API-based identity document extraction and verification service.



Verizy mainly offers an extraction services wherein our proprietary algorithms are trained specifically to extract the right information reliably from our supported documents.


Verizy offers a verification service on top of extracting information from documents. This is done employing various methods as listed below.

  • Cross-verifying user-provide information with their document.
  • Cross-Verifying multiple documents that belog to a user with one another and identifying differences.
  • Verifying the extrtacted information from the document with verified government databases to ensure it's not a fraudulent one.


The latest version of Verizy's API is at 2.0. The current version introduced asynchronous, queued, and web-hooked-based processing of requests.

  • Documentation for Version 2.0 of Verizy can be found here.
  • Documentation for Version 1.0 of Verizy can be found here.
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