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(ns pani.cljs.core
(:refer-clojure :exclude [name get-in merge set!])
(:require cljsjs.firebase
[cljs.core.async :as async :refer [<! >! chan put! merge]])
(:require-macros [cljs.core.async.macros :refer [go go-loop]]))
(def name- clojure.core/name)
;; Firebase listeners, modeled as maps of [:channel, :close-fn, :ref]
(defonce listeners (atom []))
(defn register-listener [ref type close-fn ]
(swap! listeners conj
{:close-fn close-fn
:ref ref
:type type}))
(defn disable-listeners-by! [match?]
(let [xs @listeners]
(swap! listeners #(vec (remove match? %)))
(doseq [{:keys [close-fn]} (vec (filter match? xs))]
(defn- ref-match
"Curried equality check for refs"
(let [s (str a)]
(fn [b] (= s (str b)))))
(defn disable-listeners!
(disable-listeners-by! (constantly true)))
(disable-listeners-by! (comp (ref-match ref) :ref)))
([ref type]
(disable-listeners-by! (let [r= (ref-match ref)
t= (let [n (name- type)] #(= n %))]
(fn [{t :type r :ref}]
(and (r= r) (t= t)))))))
(defn- clj-val [v]
(js->clj (.val v) :keywordize-keys true))
;; Make a firebase object ouf the given URL
(defn get-ref [url]
"Makes a root reference for firebase"
(js/Firebase. url))
(def root get-ref)
;; A utility function to traverse through korks and get ref to a child object
;; [:hello :world :bye] refers to
(defn walk-root [root korks]
"Takes korks and reduces it to a root on which we can perform direct actions"
(let [p (if (sequential? korks)
(apply str (interpose "/" (map name- korks)))
(when korks (name- korks)))]
(if-not (seq p)
(.child root p))))
(defn name [r]
"Get the name of the given root"
(.key r))
(defn parent [r]
"Get the parent of the given root"
(let [p (.parent r)]
(if (nil? (js->clj p))
(defn value
"Returns a channel which delivers value of ref just once"
(let [ch (async/chan)]
(.once ref "value"
(fn [js-val]
(if-let [v (clj-val js-val)]
(put! ch v))
(async/close! ch)))
(def ^{:doc "Similar to `value`, but takes a relative path"}
get-in (comp value walk-root))
(defn set!
"Set the value at the given root"
([root val]
(.set root (clj->js val)))
([root korks val]
(.set (walk-root root korks) (clj->js val))))
(defn push!
"Append the value at the given root"
([root val]
(.push root (clj->js val)))
([root korks val]
(push! (walk-root root korks) val)))
(defn remove!
"Remove the value at the given location"
([r f]
(.remove r f))
(let [ch (chan)]
(remove! r (fn [success]
(if success (put! ch success))
(async/close! ch)))
(defn bind
"Bind to a certain property under the given root
Supported types:
([root type korks]
(let [bind-chan (chan)
close-fn (bind root type korks
#(go (>! bind-chan %)))]
[bind-chan close-fn]))
([root type korks cb]
(let [type (name- type)
child (walk-root root korks)
callback #(when-let [v (clj-val %1)]
(cb {:val v, :name (name %1)}))
unsub #(.off child type callback)]
(.on child type callback)
(register-listener child type unsub)
(defn transact!
"Use the firebase transaction mechanism to update a value atomically"
[root korks f & args]
(let [c (walk-root root korks)
t (fn [current]
(let [js-val (js->clj current :keywordize-keys true)
js-new (apply f js-val args)]
(clj->js js-new)))]
(.transaction c t)))
(defn- snapshot->channel
[ch type snapshot]
(put! ch [type (.key snapshot) (clj-val snapshot)]))
(defn listen<
"Listens for events on the given firebase ref"
[root korks]
(let [ch (chan)
root (walk-root root korks)
emit #(partial snapshot->channel ch %)]
(doto root
(.on "child_added" (emit :child-added))
(.on "child_changed" (emit :child-changed))
(.on "child_moved" (emit :child-moved))
(.on "child_removed" (emit :child-removed)))