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Don't Be Mad, Man...

Don't Be Mad, Man... or 'dbmm' is a project I started to see how I could create a stress relieving website in the smallest way possible.


When I was working as a helpdesk tech for a medical company, I used to get flustered and angry. Storm about, and vent to my co-worker, Mr. Leroy Brown. Every time I would get in a tizzy, he would always say: "Don't be mad, man...". The quote became a day-in/day-out saying at the office, and an inside joke for the IT/Developer Team that worked there.


  • Create a breathing circle animation.
  • 2 HTML files, index and 404, nothing too complicated.
  • Minify appropriate things.

File Sizes

  • index.html - 1.47 KB
  • 404.html - 1.14 KB
  • style.css - 1.35 KB
  • Total(gzipped) - 3.99 KB - Just under 4 KB!



"What's it built with?"

  • Bootstrap - pulled in via CDN
  • Modernizr - ditto
  • Font Awesome - for the heart, also pulled via CDN
  • CSS3 - For the breathing animations
  • Sublime Text 2 - my favorite text editor
  • AWS S3 / Route 53 - to host the static site

To-Do List

  • Add text to inform user to breathe with the animation. (Most requested feature!)
  • Add variable slider to change the rate in which the animation triggers: (Second most requested feature!) (5s to 10s maybe?) (Ver. 1 priority.)
  • Add multiple backgrounds based upon: Location, Time, and Weather (Ver. 1 priority.)
  • Add audio, and audio controls: Volume Button, start off muted, 3-5 volume levels. (Unsure about this.)
  • Integrate API to pull in de-stress quotes, perhaps new quote every refresh, or a set time variable. (Also unsure about.)
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