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YAML/Ansible in IntelliJ IDEA

Current status: stable, basic functions, supports only basic YAML, not in active development


  • Goto role (Ctrl-N)
  • Goto task (Ctrl-N)
  • Goto var/property (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-N)
  • Role/Jinja var reference on Ctrl-Click
  • Module doc lookup
  • lexer, parser (internal)
  • syntax highlighting
  • comment/uncomment
  • bracket / parenthesis matching
  • role completion


  1. Go to File → Settings in IDEA/*Storm
  2. Select Plugins on the left
  3. Click Browse Repositories button on the bottom
  4. Find YAML/Ansible and install it

Configuration to enable the plugin

If the plugin doesn't look like it is working, it's probably because it reads the .yml, .yaml as YAMLfiles, not as YAML/Ansible. To enable it do as follows :

  1. Go to XXStorm → Preferences
  2. Click on Editor → File Types → YAML/Ansible
  3. Add the patterns *.yaml and *.yml. It will tell you that they are already used, that's right, by YAML, so select Overwrite (or something like that)

alt tag

Note: the plugin features may not work in IntelliJ 2016 if the YAML support plugin is also active. This will be fixed in future versions. See the related github issue.