A jekyll theme for my new static site using bootstrap and other things
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##A Custom Jekyll Theme For My Babble


  1. Creates posts (obviously)
  2. Creates tag structure
  3. Displays gists
  4. Displays youtube videos
  5. Pagination
  6. Custom image tags + resizing modified for my use case
  7. Search
    • Modified from source to do what you see on the blog.
    • Changes include:
      1. basic filtering of results (not delivering pages)
      2. modified text display of entries delivered
      3. substring title returned if over certain amount of characters
  8. jsFiddle
  9. Twitter Cards Meta Data
    • Support for summary and large summary cards
  10. Open Graph Meta Data (no images yet)

GEMs Needed

I have just started using Ruby v2.0.0 (but this will work with v1.9.3). GEMs needed include:

  1. rdiscount - for rendering
  2. activesupport - for caching
  3. json - for Lunr Search
  4. nokogiri - for Lunr Search
  5. mini_magick - for image resizing (will need Imagemagick installed on machine)

###If You're Using Github Pages If you're using Github Pages to publish with this "theme" you WILL NOT be able to use any custom plugins. Checkout the two links below, which outline what you can do to combat this problem.

###Grunt Tasks

  1. default
    • jshint
    • compresses bootstrap LESS
    • compresses site LESS
    • compresses search pages specific LESS
    • uglifies JS
    • uglifies search page specific JS
    • copies bootstrap images into main image directory (from bower_components)
  2. dev
    • jshint
    • compresses bootstrap LESS
    • compiles site LESS
    • compiles search pages specific LESS
    • copies unminified JS into min/
    • copies unminified search page specific JS into min/
    • copies bootstrap images into main image directory (from bower_components)
  3. watchAll
    • dev task executed
    • watches all LESS and JS files in top level directory
      • executes dev task when changes occur
  4. release (super optimized)
    • Need to have optipng & jpegtran installed.
      • brew install optipng jpeg (MAC)
      • apt-get install optipng libjpeg libjpeg-progs (Linux not ubuntu)
      • apt-get install optipng libjpeg62 libjpeg-progs (ubuntu)
    • runs default task
    • executes jekyll build
    • optimizes images in _site/ directory (img/ and generated/)
    • removes unnecessary files in _site/ directory
    • minifies HTML
    • minifies JSON used by Lunr search plugin
  5. build
    • runs release task
    • copies built site to built-site/ folder
      • allows me to only deploy this built site and not have my server take on the task of actually running the build

###GH Pages

I keep the GH Pages pretty up to date. Just need to update with how to use and we should be good. They are located at http://vernak2539.github.io/babble.byvernacchia/