Node module for running Paket commands
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Node module for running Paket commands

npm install paket-runner

This is a work in progress and only the restore function has been created. Although, it should be very easy to add to in the future


var PaketRunner = require('paket-runner');

// Note: spawn assumes the cwd is the top level of the project
var paket = PaketRunner({
    paketPath: 'path/to/paket.exe' // default --> './.paket/paket.exe'

// promise based
    .restore({ /* ... options ... */ })
    .then(function(stdout) {
        // stdout from the paket process
    .catch(function(stderr) {
        // error object with either stderr or exit code

Paket Commands Available

This list should get bigger over time...


All paket options are available. The are additive, meaning not enabled by default

    force: true,
    onlyReferenced: true,
    touchAffectedRefs: true,
    group: 'MyGroup',
    referencesFiles: 'Files'

// executes
// path/to/paket.exe restore --force --only-referenced group MyGroup --references-files Files

This was influenced heavily by node-nuget-runner. I couldn't figure out why it was doing what it was until I tried it differently. Thanks so much!

Use gulp? Just installed Paket and others work on your repo? Checkout this sample of initialization/always having the latest Paket