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Inspecting the retained message store

Inspecting retained messages

To list the retained messages simply invoke vmq-admin retain show:

$ vmq-admin retain show
|     payload      |     topic      |
| a-third-message  | a/third/topic  |
|    a-message     |   some/topic   |
|    a-message     | another/topic  |

{% hint style="success" %} Note, by default a maximum of 100 results are returned. This is a mechanism to protect the from overload as there can be millions of retained messages. Use --limit=<RowLimit> to override the default value. {% endhint %}

Besides listing the retained messages it is also possible to filter them:

$ vmq-admin retain show --payload --topic=some/topic
| payload |

In the above example we list only the payload for the topic some/topic.

Another example where all topics are list with retained messages with a specific payload:

$ vmq-admin retain show --payload a-message --topic
|    topic    |
| some/topic  |

See the full set of options and documentation by invoking vmq-admin retain show --help.