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Recipe Wizard

Winning Team: Recipe Wizards

Women in Tech Machine Learning Product Hackathon

July 28-29, 2018


Are you done wondering what to cook for dinner every night? Recipe Wizard takes your cravings and returns to you two kinds of recipes: Ones that most closely match your desired ingredients and others that may not match your initial desires but the Wizard thinks you might like. The more Recipe Wizard learns about your tastes, the more accurate its recommended recipes.Gone is the frustation of wondering what to cook and purchasing expensive pre-planned meal kits.

Local Installation

Clone this repository and cd into the project directory

Install a virtual environment for your dependencies. (You can also use Anaconda.)

python3 -m venv myvenv

Activate your local environment

source myenv/bin/activate

Install the latest pip

python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip

Install project requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

Boot-up app on your local server

python runserver

Web Application

landing page

Landing page, where users input ingredients.

chicken results

Recipe Wizard sends the user a few recipes that most closely match the input ingredients.

chicken alternate results

Recipe Wizard sends the user recommended recipes that are similar to the user's tastes and input.


Winners of the Women in Tech Machine Learning Product Hackathon, July 28-29, 2018



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