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Jupyter Notebook Repository for Q-Step Edinburgh

An introduction to Jupyter Notebooks - a quick-step towards literate computing and reproducible research

The material in the repository is designed for Edinburgh Q-Step students ( who wish to use Jupyter Notebooks.

The material supports a Edinburgh Q-Step Workshop held in January 2017.

An Introductory Video "

Getting Started

The Project Jupyter Website

Install Jupyter

The Quickstart Guide to


The Workflow of Data Analysis Using Stata

Paper on the workflow in social science data analysis Gayle, V.J. and Lambert, P.S. (2017) The Workflow: A Practical Guide to Producing Accurate, Efficient, Transparent and Reproducible Social Survey Data Analysis. NCRM Working Paper

Literate Computing - a post from Fernando Perez's blog

Lorena Barba's web page

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