Verotel FlexPay allows Verotel merchants to charge for content
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Verotel FlexPay library

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This library allows you to use Verotel payment gateway and accept credit cards and other payment methods on your website.

Official Documentation

Documentation for the library can be found on the Control Center website.

Installation via Composer

composer require verotel/flexpay-php-client

Download manually

Download latest Release



require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

Direct require

require_once '<path-to-flexpay-php-client>/src/Verotel/FlexPay/Client.php';

Construction of client

// get your brand instance
$brand = Verotel\FlexPay\Brand::create_from_merchant_id(/* Your customer ID */ '9804000000000000');

$flexpayClient = new Verotel\FlexPay\Client(/* shop ID */ 12345, "FlexPay Signature Key", $brand);

Obtaining of purchase payment url

$purchaseUrl = $flexpayClient->get_purchase_URL([
    "priceAmount" => 2.64,
    "priceCurrency" => "EUR",
    "description" => "Test purchase",

Obtaining of cancel subscription url

$cancelUrl = $flexpayClient->get_cancel_subscription_URL([ "saleID" => 12345 ]);

Validation of postback parameters

if (!$flexpayClient->validate_signature($_GET)){
    echo "ERROR - Invalid signature!";

// handle correct postback

echo "OK";


The Verotel Flexpay PHP library is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.