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Allow for unicode strings as node property values in _safe_string() #64

mhermans opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Thanks for the quick fix on issue #63, it is working as expected. I noticed however another minor issue with _safe_string().

If i'm correct it expects uft8-encoded strings, coercing them to unicode. Passing in unicode strings (i.e. unicode strings for node property values), results in an encoding error. Is it possible to do small check first, and let unicode pass? E.g.:

def _safe_string(self, s):
    if isinstance(s, unicode):
        return s
    if isinstance(s, basestring):
        return unicode(s.decode("utf-8"))
        # We avoid convert non-string values
        return s

Are you sure about this? Please, could you send a small test for this. What I understand is the lib doesn't allow to do do things like:

    node = gdb.nodes.create()
    node[u"property"] = u"value"

I think that is covered with tests, but maybe I'm not understanding you properly.

@versae versae closed this in 7088386
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