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Updated the index web page to reflect the license change to MIT
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-<p>Free software distributted under the <a href="">GNU</a> <a href="">Affero General Public License</a>.
-<p>Additional permission under GNU GPL version 3 section 7 allows the use of
-<em>django-qbe</em> as part of a project while retaining the requirement to contribute
-back any changes or improvements to <em>django-qbe</em>.</p>
-<img style="float: right;" alt="" src="">
+<p>Free software distributted under the <a href="">MIT license</a>.
-<p>Javier de la Rosa (<a href="">@versae</a>)<br/>
+<p>Javier de la Rosa (<a href="">@versae</a>) and other contributors<br/>
With the funding of <a href="">Cultureplex</a>, the Cultural Complexity Lab @ <a href="">UWO</a>.
<div class="footer">
get the source code on GitHub : <a href="">versae/qbe</a>

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